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Designed for Cost Efficiency

Save your customers money on their total print costs by offering them a managed print service that will keep their ongoing expenditure down.

The cost benefits of a managed print agreement are numerous but getting the message through to customers can be a challenge.

That’s why we’ve launched the Designed for cost efficiency campaign, with a toolkit that provides you with everything you need to get the message out to your customers.

Our research tells us that, for IT professionals, cost is the single biggest concern, and that’s why MPS deals are the perfect print solution for them.

With automatic supplies re-ordering, guaranteed reliability and up-time and advanced monitoring features, your customers stand to save significantly with MPS.

By selling MPS to your customers, not only can you boost sales, but you can also secure a reliable ongoing revenue stream.

For further information on Brother’s managed print service and learn how we can help you maximise sales and ongoing MPS revenue, please watch the video below. Then just contact your Brother or Office Friendly account manager to sign up as a Brother MPS partner. Once you are signed up, we will share all of the Brother marketing campaign assets available to you.
  • Brother MPS Training Video
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