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Panodyne COVID-19 Test Kits

Antibody and Antigen test kits now available from Ainsworth Wholesale.

This content will provide marketing assets with information on how both tests work and the advantages of taking a test. You can also access the pricing which shows the kits are boxed in singles, a main selling point.
The Covid test certificate is available in the files download section.

Antigen Rapid Testing Kits
- Individually boxed test kits.
- CE approved.
- Find out within 15 mins.
- No need to isolate once the result is negative.
- Leads to less time off work and self-isolating.
- Ability to random test.

Antibody Rapid Test Kits
- Wouldn’t it be nice to know if your staff have immunity from COVID-19?
- Find out in 10 minutes.
- Identifies infection before symptoms.
- Assists in the control of the viral transmission.
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